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Being motivational speaker I want to motivate all sections of society, specially students who are facing competition because, they have a new life ahead… they have to face many twists and turns in life

His consistent faith over divine power grants him supernatural endurance to thrive success and his Unshakable Determination enables him to helm through the toughest challenges and come out as a champion.

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Extensive teaching experience of over 15 years and now playing multiple roles from motivating audiences to managing India’s leading Defence coaching Institution, “Major Kalshi Classes Pvt. Ltd.” he is a philanthropist in true sense, always on his toes to help the indigent.

Saurabh Singh Defence Expert
Saurabh Singh Motivational and Entrepreneur Speaker

Mr. Saurabh Singh
Motivator and Entrepreneur

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I strongly believe that money is just a part of our wealth as the real wealth is our character, “CHARITRA”, as we call it. It defines our real personality and is the major requirement to become a successful person in life.

Self-Introspection is the basic key to know what you are… what you want… and How to improve…!

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Saurabh Singh Best Motivational Indian Speaker


"Person should be like flourished tree- Stay Grounded, always connect to your roots, turn over new leaf, bend before you break, keep growing, fulfill desires or others."
His consistent faith over divine power grants him supernatural endurance to thrive success. Unshakable determination makes him to gain helm of success.

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